5-Step Colorful Process PowerPoint Template

There are 5 steps elements you can edit quickly and each shape had a different color gradient so the audience would easily understand the flow of the process. You can add an icon to the left side of the slide that visually represents the idea of every step. I also add dozens of satisfying animation that runs automatically as the slides appear. Those animations designed sequentially from “Step 1” to “Step 5”. It’s pretty neat and feels like a professional animation slide. This PowerPoint slide is good for a 5-step process list. You can also apply this file for a timeline presentation although it may not purely accurate.


  • 2 slides represent dark and white background
  • 5-step process with a colorful gradient
  • Flat UI color is chosen carefully
  • Icons are easy to change
  • Awesome slide animation


Aspect ratioStandard 4:3
FontCalibri, Arial, Open Sans
Size62 KB

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