Are There Any Tools Available to Recover a Corrupted PowerPoint File?

  1. If a PowerPoint file does become corrupted, there are several recovery methods to try:
  • Open the file in PowerPoint Safe Mode (powerpnt /safe)
  • Insert the corrupted slides into a new presentation
  • Use the PowerPoint built-in repair utility (Open and Repair)
  • Use third party software tools like Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint or Wondershare Repairit
  1. Before using repair tools, determine if the file is actually corrupted by trying to open it on another computer or drive. Check for error messages in PowerPoint that indicate corruption.
  2. Powerful repair tools like Wondershare Repairit can fix various types of corruption and restore PowerPoint objects, tables, charts, etc. Repairit claims to have a high success rate in repairing damaged files.
  3. Some manual methods like moving the file to another location or drive may also help fix corruption issues, if they are related to the original file location.

In summary, corruption can often be avoided but if it does occur, PowerPoint has built-in repair features and third party tools are available. Determining the files are truly corrupted is an important first step before attempting repairs. Regular backups remain the best way to protect important presentation files from corruption issues.