Beautiful Animated Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

Beautiful Animated Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

Who says Gantt charts always boring and not compelling? Well, this template may be the answer to that problem. Here, we take the advantage of PowerPoint’s shape tool to create some sort of table and bar that represent the schedule for your project. Each bar and schedule has its own unique color in order to distinguishable by the audience. Some animations also added to give an extra teasing effect when the slide appears. At the bottom, you can adjust the progress of the schedule. In this template, there are 7 schedule items you can modify although you can always add or remove it easily since it has been grouped. This PowerPoint template great for Gantt chart showing to your work partner or simply just for personal use to manage your timeline.


  • 7-item ready and easy to add/remove
  • Unique color for each schedule
  • Overall beautiful design
  • Moveable progress bar
  • Fully animated


Font*Open Sans, Work Sans
Aspect RatioStandard 4:3
Created usingMicrosoft PowerPoint 365
LicenseCC BY 4.0 (free with attribution)

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  1. Anthony Borsumato

    really elegant design, well done and thanks for making this available!

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