Convert InDesign to PowerPoint – 2024

Converting InDesign files to PowerPoint can be challenging, but with some effort it is possible to achieve good results. This article provides an overview of recommended methods and best practices for 2024.

Why Convert from InDesign to PowerPoint

There are several reasons you may need to convert an InDesign document to PowerPoint format:

  • Client requests – Clients often prefer to receive PowerPoint files that they can easily edit themselves.
  • Presentation purposes – PowerPoint is the standard format for giving presentations. InDesign doesn’t have built-in presentation capabilities.
  • Accessibility – More people have access to PowerPoint than InDesign. Converting allows for wider distribution and collaboration.

Challenges with Conversion

Direct conversion from InDesign to PowerPoint is not possible. This is because:

  • InDesign uses high-resolution images and graphics unsuitable for PowerPoint
  • Advanced InDesign typography and layouts don’t convert well
  • PowerPoint has limited layout and design capabilities compared to InDesign

Therefore conversion requires an intermediate PDF conversion step to retain design quality.

Recommended Method for 2024

The current recommended method for converting InDesign to PowerPoint is:

  1. Export from InDesign as high-quality print PDF
    • Ensure images are embedded and fonts are outlined
  2. Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat
  3. Export PDF to PowerPoint
    • Check exported PowerPoint for any conversion issues
  4. Manually fix formatting/layout issues in PowerPoint

This method produces the best results for retaining design quality while allowing editable PowerPoint files.

Step 1 – Export as High Quality Print PDF

  • Open InDesign file
  • Go to File > Export
  • Under Save as Type choose Adobe PDF (Print)
  • Enable PDF options:
    • Embed Page Thumbnails
    • Optimize for Fast Web View
    • Embed All Fonts
  • Export PDF

Step 2 – Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat

  • Open the exported PDF file in Adobe Acrobat
  • Select File > Export To > PowerPoint Presentation
  • Select options:
    • Standard (Publishing Online and Printing)
    • Use PowerPoint Hyperlinks
    • Export All PDF Pages

Step 3 – Export PDF to PowerPoint

  • Save exported PowerPoint file
  • Open file to check formatting/layout issues from conversion
  • Review and manually fix any conversion issues in PowerPoint

Common PowerPoint issues:

  • Image resolution loss
  • Font/text formatting
  • Text box alignment
  • Layer ordering

For best results, manually correct issues to match original InDesign design.

PowerPoint Considerations

When designing the original InDesign document, optimize it for PowerPoint conversion:

  • Use common standard fonts
  • Avoid complex layering and transparency
  • Flatten effects to images/shapes where possible

Also create a PowerPoint template to allow easy editing by others after conversion.

Alternative Paid Tools

For 2024, paid InDesign to PowerPoint conversion tools don’t produce better quality results than the PDF method. However, the following tools can streamline the process:

  • ID2Office – Automates PDF conversion steps
  • InDesignSecrets PowerTools – Includes customizable PowerPoint export presets

These tools still require manual formatting fixes in PowerPoint but save time with batch conversion.

Summary – Best Practices for 2024

When converting InDesign to PowerPoint:

  • Export high quality print PDF from InDesign
  • Use Adobe Acrobat to convert PDF to PowerPoint
  • Manually correct formatting issues in PowerPoint
  • Optimize original InDesign document for conversion
  • Consider paid tools to automate process

Following these best practices will produce the best quality and most editable PowerPoint files from InDesign in 2024.