How to Fill Text with Image in PowerPoint

Time Needed : 2 minutes

You won't need Photoshop to create an effect where a text filled with a photo. In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can fill any text with any image you want. This could emphasize the context and makes your presentation more immersive. Here's how to create that effect.

  1. Write a text in PowerPoint. It's highly recommended to have a noticeable size and bold enough.

  2. Select the text by clicking on any area inside the text.

  3. Go to the Format menu.

  4. Head to Text Fill > Picture…

  5. You will have three options to get to the image location. For the sake of this tutorial, I'm going to use the From a File option (feel free to choose any).

  6. Select the image and click Insert.

  7. And this is the result. A text filled with a beautiful image.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Text
  • Image

You can adjust the font size, thickness, and font type. However, you can’t change the position of the image. PowerPoint will automatically choose the center area of the image as the selection for the text.

Also, make sure you choose the right background color to ensure the text is visible by audiences. Adding an outline for a text would create a contrast color to separate text and its surrounding.

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