Free Simple Timeline Diagram PowerPoint Template

Simple Timeline Diagram

Free Horizontal Timeline Diagram for PowerPoint. This minimalistic PowerPoint slide has a 7-step horizontal timeline diagram with waterdrop-shape and manually chosen color. Also, you will get an arrow animated from the left side to the right side in order to help the audience understand the flow of your timeline.

In addition, at the end of the arrow, there are two results whether the process was a success or failed. That feature may be useful if you looking for a project that would have distinctive output after it running.

This PowerPoint slide is perfect for weekly planning, daily routine activity, and any sequential that requires a 7-step process.

Features in ‘Free Simple Timeline Diagram for PowerPoint:

  • Fonts are included
  • 2 sequentially slides
  • Carefully-chosen flat colors
  • All shapes and text box are editable
  • Fascinating animations and transition

Details of the PowerPoint file

Number of slides 2
Format PPTX & PPT
Aspect ratio 4:3
Font Montserrat, Calibri, & Roboto
Type Timeline
Size 5,9 MB (PPTX) & 6,1 MB (PPT)
Author Vega Slide

*We do not include font file inside the template.

Love this PowerPoint slide? Feel free to download the PPTX and PPT file.

Protected under CC-BY 4.0 — You must keep the credit when using this template.

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