How to Hide Audio Icon in PowerPoint Slide

Time Needed : 1 minutes


After adding an audio file, you would see an audio icon on the PowerPoint slide which could be easily seen by audiences. Luckily, you can hide the audio icon while at the same time able to control (play) the audio content right from the slide when presenting. Check the following guide!

  1. Click on the audio icon until the selection box appears.

  2. Go to Audio Tools > Playback and check on the Hide During Show.

  3. Try to run the presentation (F5) to see if the audio icon has been hidden. In order to play the audio, just click on any area on the slide.

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The guide above is based on the Fullscreen Step by Step PowerPoint Template. You can get this template for free.

You can also move the audio icon outside the slide area. The audio should be able to play when you click on the slide during a presentation.

Alright. That’s how you can hide the audio button on your PowerPoint presentation. I hope that helps you!


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