How Do I Find an IT Specialist for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

1) Logical Operations offers training courses on using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 ([1]). This indicates there are still specialists available with expertise in this older version of PowerPoint.

2) There is discussion about using PowerPoint for resume layouts ([2]), but this is not directly relevant.

3) There are forum threads discussing issues opening older PowerPoint 97-2003 files in newer versions of PowerPoint, suggesting there is still a need for PowerPoint 2003 expertise ([3], [18]).

4) There are free PowerPoint 2003 tutorials available ([4]), which could be helpful for an IT specialist to brush up on their skills.

5) There is a discussion about using Office 2003 on Windows 7 ([5]), but again not directly relevant.

6) An article criticizes overuse of PowerPoint ([6]), but does not provide recommendations on finding specialists.

In summary, while the search results do not directly answer the question, they indicate there is still a need for expertise with older versions of PowerPoint like 2003. Potential sources for finding specialists could include training companies like Logical Operations, or IT consulting firms that support older Microsoft software. The best approach may be to search job sites and professional networks specifically for consultants or contractors with legacy PowerPoint skills.