How to Add a Hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation

Adding hyperlinks to your PowerPoint presentations can make them more interactive and useful for your audience. Hyperlinks allow you to connect to other slides, documents, webpages, or files to provide additional information or resources.

In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process for adding different types of hyperlinks in PowerPoint.

Why Use Hyperlinks in PowerPoint Presentations

Here are some of the key benefits of using hyperlinks in your PowerPoint slides:

  • Allow instant access to additional information by linking to webpages or documents
  • Enable non-linear navigation by connecting slides within the presentation
  • Provide references to research papers, articles or other sources
  • Direct viewers to multimedia content like videos and audio files
  • Initiate emails with pre-populated fields to facilitate communication
  • Create an interactive experience for the audience

Step 1: Select the Text, Image or Object to Hyperlink

The first step is to select the text, image or object that you want to use as a hyperlink. This element will be clickable for the audience to activate the link.

To select:

  • Text: Highlight the text by dragging your mouse over it
  • Images/Objects: Click the image or object to select it

You can select words within larger text blocks to create a hyperlink as well. Ensure that the selected element is appropriate to use as a hyperlink for your audience.

Step 2: Open the Hyperlink Dialog Box

Once you’ve selected the text or object for the hyperlink, there are two ways to open the Hyperlink dialog box:

Option 1

Click on the “Insert” tab and select “Link” in the Links group

Option 2

Right-click on the selected item and choose “Hyperlink” from the context menu

Both options will open the Hyperlink dialog box where you can enter the required information about the link.

Step 3: Specify the Link Details

Within the Hyperlink dialog box, you need to set the destination that the hyperlink should point to. There are various options to choose from:

Link to Existing File or Webpage

You can enter any URL like or browse your computer files to select a file to link to.

Link to a Place in this Document

This allows you to select a particular slide within the same PowerPoint presentation that you want the link to navigate to.

Link to Create New Document

Choose this option if you want the link to open a new PowerPoint presentation or other Office document like Word or Excel files.

Link to an Email Address

You can specify an email address that will open the default email application and pre-populate the To: field when the link is clicked.

In addition to specifying the link destination, you can also enter ScreenTip text that will be displayed when users hover over the hyperlink in your presentation.

Once done, click OK to apply the hyperlink to the selected text or object.

Step 4: Test and Edit Hyperlinks

It’s important to test all your hyperlinks before finalizing the PowerPoint presentation. To test:

  • Method 1: Click on the hyperlink while holding down the Ctrl key
  • Method 2: Click on the hyperlink when running the slideshow

This will activate the link and take you to the destination. Test all links and ensure they are pointing to the correct resources.

To edit a hyperlink:

  • Right-click on it and select Edit Hyperlink
  • Make changes to the address or ScreenTip in the dialog box

Tips for Using Hyperlinks Effectively

Follow these tips when adding hyperlinks for the best outcome:

  • Use relevant and high-quality links to reputed external websites
  • Ensure all hyperlinks work correctly before presenting slides
  • Use concise anchor text that indicates where the link leads to
  • Don’t overuse too many hyperlinks causing distraction
  • Check accessibility compliance for visually impaired viewers


Adding well-planned hyperlinks can make your PowerPoint decks highly interactive, informative and fun for the audience. Use relevant links judiciously to provide extra value without overwhelming your viewers. Follow the step-by-step guidance outlined here to add working hyperlinks with ease.