How to Add Page Numbers in PowerPoint 2010

Adding page numbers to your PowerPoint 2010 presentation can help the audience follow along and allow you to reference specific slides more easily. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding page numbers in PowerPoint 2010:

Insert Slide Numbers

To add slide numbers to all slides:

  • On the Insert tab, click Header & Footer
  • On the Slide tab, check the Slide number box
  • Click Apply to All

To add slide numbers starting from a specific number:

  • Click Design > Customize > Slide Size > Custom Slide Size
  • In the Number slides from: box, enter the number you want to start from
  • Click OK

To add slide numbers to an individual slide:

  • Click the slide thumbnail where you want to add the number
  • On the Insert tab, click Text Box and draw a text box
  • Click Insert > Slide Number
  • Only that slide will show the number

Format Slide Numbers

You can customize the look of slide numbers:

  • Size: Double-click the number placeholder on the Slide Master to change the font size
  • Location: Drag the number placeholder to move it
  • Appearance: Change the font, color, etc.

To hide slide numbers on the title slide:

  • In the Header and Footer dialog box, check Don’t show on title slide

Add Slide Count

To show slide count (e.g. Slide 2 of 10):

  • On the View tab, click Slide Master
  • Insert a text box and type “Slide”
  • Click Insert > Slide Number to insert the placeholder
  • View slide count in Normal view

Slide Numbers For Notes Pages

To add page numbers to Notes pages:

  • On the Insert tab, click Header & Footer
  • On the Notes and Handouts tab, check the Page number box
  • Click Apply to All

You can also add headers, footers, date, and time to notes pages.


  • Update slide numbers if you rearrange slides
  • Print handouts with slide numbers for easy reference
  • Use slide numbers to create a custom table of contents

Adding page numbers in PowerPoint 2010 is easy and helps your audience follow along. Customize the numbers to match your presentation’s look.