How to Change the Axis of Rotation (Sort of) for a Shape in PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint sets default axis of rotation points for shapes which can cause them to spin in unexpected ways.
  • You can create a “false” axis of rotation using the spin animation and grouping shapes together.
  • The key is to force a shape like a triangle to span the entire circumference of a circle to make it appear to spin like a clock hand.


  1. Insert the shape you want to spin (e.g. triangle) and a circle shape behind it.
  2. Group the triangle and circle shapes together.
  3. Apply the “Spin” animation to the grouped shapes.
  4. Adjust the effect options to spin the full 360 degrees.
  5. Set the duration to create one full rotation.


  • Play around with different shapes to see the default rotation effects.
  • Test different rotation directions and speeds.
  • View animations in presentation mode to finalize effect.
  • Can also apply to 3D model views.

Additional Tips

  • Use anchor points to control rotation effects.
  • Combine with morph transitions for advanced 3D effects.
  • Animate in sequences for multi-shape interactions.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!