How to Make an Object Disappear After Animation in WPS Office PowerPoint

WPS Office PowerPoint allows you to create engaging presentations with smooth animations. One useful animation effect is making objects disappear from the slide after the animation sequence. This can help declutter your slide and draw attention to specific elements.

Follow these steps to make an object disappear after animation in WPS Presentation:

Add Animation to the Object

  1. Select the object (image, text box, shape, etc.) that you want to disappear after animation.
  2. Go to the Animations tab and click Add Animation.
  3. Choose the animation effect you want from the menu. For example, you can use a Fly In or Wipe effect.
  4. Customize the animation effect settings like duration, start, and direction based on your preferences.
  5. Click OK when you are done. This will add the animation effect to the selected object.

Set the After Animation Effect

  1. With the animated object still selected, go back to the Animations tab.
  2. Click the Advanced Animation button to open the animation pane.
  3. In the animation pane, click the dropdown next to the animation effect and choose After Animation.
  4. Select the option Hide After Animation from the menu. This will make the object disappear immediately after the animation effect plays.
  5. You can also choose to hide the object On Next Click or After [specific duration] based on your requirements.

Preview and Adjust the Animation

  1. Click Preview at the bottom of the animation pane to see the results.
  2. Make changes to the effect settings like start, duration or delay as needed until you are satisfied.
  3. Close the animation pane when done.

The object will now disappear from the slide automatically after its animation sequence plays.


  • You can bring back a hidden object by going to the Animations tab and clicking the object’s name in the Animation Pane. This will unhide it.
  • To make multiple objects disappear together, group them first before adding the animation.
  • Use subtle animations like Fade for a smooth transition when making objects disappear. Avoid jarring effects like Zoom.
  • Add sound effects or background music to further mask an object disappearing from the slide.

Advanced: Use Triggers to Start Animations

Instead of playing all animations together in sequence, you can use triggers to start animations when you click the mouse or press keys.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the object that should trigger the animation effect
  2. Open the Advanced Animation pane
  3. Choose Start Effect on Click of and select the trigger object
  4. Customize settings like delay before start, repeats etc.

Now the object animation will start only when you click the trigger element on the slide. This lets you precisely control the animations.


Using the After Animation and Hide options in WPS Office PowerPoint, you can make objects disappear smoothly after their animation sequence. This keeps your slides clean and focused. Triggers provide even more advanced control over animation timing in your presentations.