How to Change the Theme in PowerPoint: The Beginner’s Guide

Changing the theme in PowerPoint is an easy way to give your presentation a fresh new look. Themes control the overall design of your slides, including colors, fonts, effects, and background styles.

What is a Theme in PowerPoint?

A theme is a set of pre-designed slide elements that provides a unified look and feel for your presentation. Themes allow you to change the entire appearance of your slides with just a few clicks.

When you apply a theme, PowerPoint automatically updates colors, fonts, effects, background styles, and placeholder positions across all slides. This saves you a lot of time and effort compared to formatting slides individually.

Why Change the Theme?

Here are some reasons you may want to change the theme in your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Give your presentation a fresh new look
  • Match your company or brand colors
  • Suit the topic or industry (e.g. tech, finance, creative)
  • Accentuate important points
  • Set the right tone (professional, casual, elegant)
  • Make complex data easier to digest
  • Cater to audience preferences
  • Fix a bad original theme choice

Changing the theme is an easy way to transform the look and feel of your entire presentation.

How to Change the Theme in PowerPoint

Follow these simple steps to change the theme in your PowerPoint presentation:

1. Open Your Presentation

Launch PowerPoint and open the presentation you want to modify.

2. Navigate to the Design Tab

At the top of the screen, click on the “Design” tab in the ribbon.

3. Select a New Theme

In the “Themes” section, hover over each theme thumbnail to preview it on your open presentation. Click on the theme you want to apply.

That’s it! The new theme is now applied to all slides.

4. Customize the Theme (Optional)

Most themes come with color, font, and effects variants. You can further customize the theme under the “Variants” section:

  • Colors – Change color scheme
  • Fonts – Change fonts
  • Effects – Modify theme effects

You can also edit the background style by clicking “Format Background” under the “Design” tab.

5. Apply Theme to Specific Slides (Optional)

To apply a theme to only certain slides:

  1. Select the slides you wish to change
  2. Right click on your desired theme thumbnail
  3. Choose “Apply to Selected Slides”

This will override the main presentation theme on those slides.

Creating Your Own Theme from Scratch

For full customization, you can create your own PowerPoint theme:

  1. On the “Design” tab, click “More” then choose “Create New Theme”
  2. Customize colors, fonts, and effects
  3. Click “Save Current Theme” to save your creation

You can now access your custom theme in the theme gallery.

Extra Theme Design Tips

  • Use a simple, clean theme for text-heavy presentations
  • Try a creative theme for visual storytelling slides
  • Make important text stand out with a dark theme and bright fonts
  • Add your logo to every slide with a custom header
  • Use photos or subtle gradients for modern background styles

The right theme can make your presentation stand out while enhancing your message.

Changing themes in PowerPoint is quick and easy. With just a few clicks, you can give your entire presentation a whole new look suited to your brand, audience, and messaging needs.