How to Copy from Wikipedia to PowerPoint Without Links

Like it or not, but PowerPoint will automatically display the same formatting text once you paste the content from the internet, especially Wikipedia where you can find tons of links inside their article.


But, how can I copy and paste a paragraph from Wikipedia to PowerPoint without its links?

Turns out, you only need a very simple trick to avoid those links and keep the text style follows the slide’s template.

The following guide is based on Microsoft PowerPoint 365 version 1902. Other versions might have a slightly different look and feel. However, the step by step process should be the same.

How to copy-paste from Wikipedia to PowerPoint without links

Time Needed : 2 minutes

In this tutorial, you will learn how to copy and paste a text from Wikipedia to PowerPoint without bringing its links and other text styles. This method should also work with other website pages outside Wikipedia.

  1. Go to Wikipedia page and copy the content you want to display in PowerPoint.

  2. On PowerPoint, go to Home > Paste > Keep Text Only (T).

  3. Finally, you will see a plain text without any links embedded in it.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Content from internet

The screenshots inside this guide are based on the Elegant Purple PowerPoint Template. You can download the template for free and use it for your presentation project.

You probably still need to remove the citation mark manually but for the rest of it, including font, color, size, and background will follow the same format you set on the slide.

You can also paste the text to Notepad, and then copy from there to PowerPoint. This method also would remove any text styles from the web page. Feel free to choose which way works best for you.


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