3 Effective Ways to Share a Large PowerPoint File

Sharing large PowerPoint files can be challenging, especially when the file size exceeds common email attachment limits. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can easily share even very large presentations. Here are 3 effective methods for sharing big PowerPoint files:

1. Use File Compression

One of the simplest ways to reduce PowerPoint file size for easier sharing is to compress the file. Here are some tips:

  • Compress Images: Go to the Picture Format tab > Compress Pictures to reduce image sizes in your slides. Set resolution to 150ppi or lower.
  • Discard Editing Data: Go to File > Info > Remove Personal Information > Select Discard editing data to remove revision history.
  • Compress Media: Go to File > Info > Compress Media to reduce sizes of embedded audio/video files.

After compression, you can easily attach the smaller file size to an email for sharing. Some additional compression tips:

  • Delete unused slide masters/layouts
  • Reduce number/size of embedded fonts
  • Check for duplicate slides or assets

2. Use File Sharing Services

If compression does not sufficiently reduce the file size, use a dedicated file sharing service:

  • Microsoft OneDrive – Upload the file to OneDrive and share view/edit access. Recipients can view it online or sync it.
  • WeTransfer – Allows sending large files up to 2GB to others via a download link.
  • Dropbox – Upload the file and share the link for easy access through Dropbox.

These services make it easy to share big files without email attachment size limitations. OneDrive also enables real-time collaboration on the presentation.

3. Save and Share as PDF

An alternative way to share a large PowerPoint file is to export it as a PDF. To do this:

  • Go to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document
  • Select file export settings
  • Share the PDF file instead of the PowerPoint

The PDF format compresses file size significantly while retaining all slide content and formatting. It also prevents unauthorized editing of your original presentation.

Some additional tips when sharing presentations:

  • Double check for sensitive information
  • Password protect files if needed
  • Follow up with recipients to confirm access

Using these 3 methods – compression, file sharing services, and PDF export – you can easily share even extremely large PowerPoint decks. The recipient will be able to conveniently access the presentation without any file size restrictions getting in the way.