How to Insert a Word Document into PowerPoint

Inserting a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation can be useful for adding detailed content from an existing document without having to recreate everything in PowerPoint. There are a few different methods you can use to embed or link Word documents in PowerPoint.

Prepare the Word Document

Before inserting your Word doc, make sure it is properly formatted:

  • Remove any errors or typos
  • Use consistent font and font size
  • Save as .docx or .doc format
  • Close the Word document before inserting into PowerPoint

Insert Word File as Object

This method inserts your Word document contents as an object that can be linked back to the original Word file.


  • In PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab and click Object
  • Select Create from File
  • Browse and select your Word doc
  • Uncheck the Link box if you want static content
  • Check the Link box if you want content to stay updated
  • Uncheck the Display as Icon box
  • Click OK

The Word document content will be inserted into the PowerPoint slide.


  • Links back to original Word file
  • Can display as icon to keep file size small

Insert Content from Word Doc

You can insert pieces of content like text, images, or tables from an open Word document.


  • Have the Word doc open
  • In PowerPoint, go to Home tab and click Paste
  • Select Paste Special
  • Choose Microsoft Word Document Object
  • Click OK
  • Selected content will be inserted


  • Insert specific content from Word
  • Don’t need to insert whole document

Embed Word Document

Embedding a Word doc makes it part of the PowerPoint file. Changes to original Word file won’t update.


  • In PowerPoint, insert a text box on the slide
  • Right click text box and select Format Shape
  • Click Text Box category
  • Under Text Box, click the icon next to Text from file
  • Browse and select your Word document
  • Click Insert


  • Embeds Word content directly into PowerPoint
  • Useful for single page docs with images

Paste Link to Word File

You can paste a link that will open the Word document instead of inserting the content.


  • Copy the file path of your Word document
  • In PowerPoint, paste the file path on the slide
  • The file path will appear as a clickable link


  • Link to file instead of embedding content
  • Viewers can click to open Word doc

Convert Word Doc to PowerPoint

You can convert an entire Word document into a PowerPoint presentation.


  • In Word, go to File > Export > Export to PowerPoint Presentation
  • Select theme and click Export


  • Quickly convert Word outline to PowerPoint
  • Word headings become PowerPoint slides

By following one of these methods, you can easily insert content from a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation. Properly preparing your Word file, choosing the right insertion method, and formatting the content will lead to great results.