How to Insert HTML into PowerPoint

Embedding HTML content into PowerPoint presentations can be useful for displaying interactive web elements or keeping presentations up-to-date. There are a few methods to insert HTML into PowerPoint slides.

Insert HTML File as Object

The easiest way is to insert the HTML file as an object:

  • In PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab and click Object
  • In the Object dialog box, click Create from File
  • Browse and select the HTML file you want to embed
  • Check the Display as Icon box to show an icon that launches the HTML content

This embeds the HTML file into the presentation. Clicking the icon opens the HTML content in PowerPoint.

Hyperlink to HTML File

  • You can also hyperlink text or images to launch the HTML file:
  • Insert a text box or image you want to hyperlink
  • Right-click on it and select Hyperlink
  • Choose the HTML file to link to

Now clicking that object in slideshow view opens the linked HTML file.

Paste HTML Content

Pasting HTML content copies it into PowerPoint:

  • Copy the HTML content you want
  • Paste it into a PowerPoint text box
  • The formatted text and images are inserted

This lets you insert selective HTML content without embedding the entire page.

Insert Iframe Code

Using iframe code displays a web page within a slide:

  • Get the iframe embed code of the web page
  • Paste the code into a PowerPoint text box
  • The live web page appears in that location

Iframes show live web content but require an internet connection.

Use PowerPoint Web Embed

PowerPoint for the web has an embed feature:

  • Upload the presentation to OneDrive
  • Open it in PowerPoint web and select Share > Embed
  • Copy the embed code
  • Paste into any web page to display

This lets you embed the full presentation for public viewing.


  • Update linked HTML files to refresh content
  • Use blank templates to avoid formatting issues
  • Test presentations before presenting live

Embedding HTML into PowerPoint is easy with these methods. It allows displaying interactive web content seamlessly within your slides.