How to Insert Slides from Another PowerPoint

Inserting slides from another PowerPoint presentation can save you time when creating new presentations. There are a few different methods you can use:

Reuse Slides Tool

The easiest way is to use the Reuse Slides tool in PowerPoint:

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to add slides to
  2. Select the New Slide dropdown and choose Reuse Slides Reuse Slides
  3. In the Reuse Slides pane on the right, click Browse
  4. Select the PowerPoint file that contains the slides you want to reuse
  5. Preview the slides by hovering over them, then click the slides you want to insert Insert Slides
  6. The selected slides are inserted into the presentation after the current slide

By default, inserted slides use the theme formatting of the presentation they are inserted into. To retain source formatting, right-click a slide and check Keep Source Formatting.

Drag and Drop

You can also drag and drop slides between open PowerPoint presentations:

  1. Open both PowerPoint presentations so they are side-by-side
  2. Click and drag slides from one presentation into the other

The slide will be duplicated – the original remains in place.

Copy and Paste

To quickly copy a slide:

  1. Open both PowerPoint presentations
  2. In the presentation with the source slide, right-click the slide in the left pane and choose Copy
  3. In the other presentation, right-click on a slide and select Paste

The copied slide will be inserted after the selected slide.

Import Slides from File

You can import slides from a PowerPoint presentation stored on your computer or network:

  1. Open the presentation
  2. Select the slide you want new slides to be inserted after
  3. Go to the Insert tab and click Slides from Files
  4. Browse to and select the PowerPoint file
  5. Choose which slides you want to insert
  6. Click Insert

Insert All Slides

To quickly bring all slides from another presentation:

  1. Open both presentations
  2. In the receiving presentation, right-click on a slide in the left pane
  3. Select Reuse Slides > Browse Files
  4. Select the presentation file and right-click
  5. Choose Insert All Slides

All slides will be brought over in order after the selected slide.


  • Check Keep Source Formatting if you want inserted slides to retain their original theme and styles
  • Inserted slides can be reordered by dragging them to new positions
  • Use Paste Special to insert slides as linked objects that update when the source file changes
  • Compress images before inserting slides to reduce file size

Inserting slides from other PowerPoints is a great way to reuse content and save time when building new presentations. Mastering the different methods gives you flexibility when combining slides from multiple sources.