How to Make a Book in PowerPoint

Creating a book in PowerPoint may seem unusual, but it can be a creative and useful way to design a book with integrated text and images. Whether you want to self-publish a photo book, children’s book, journal, or other book, PowerPoint provides flexibility in mixing media and arranging your “pages.”

Follow these steps to make your own book in PowerPoint:

1. Start with a Blank Presentation

Open PowerPoint and select “Blank Presentation” to start fresh.

2. Set Up Your Page Size and Layout

Decide on the dimensions you want your finished book to be. Under the Design tab, click Slide Size > Custom Slide Size. Enter your desired width and height dimensions (e.g. 8.5in x 8.5in). Click Ensure Fit so everything scales correctly.

Delete any placeholder text boxes from the blank slide. This will be the canvas for your first page.

3. Add Your Title Page

Click Insert > Shapes to add a shape for your title page text. Format the text box shape, choose a font style, then type your book title and author name.

You can insert images by clicking Insert > Pictures. Resize and position images as desired.

4. Create a Slide Master with Guides

Under the View tab, click Slide Master. This is the master template that all slides will inherit formatting from.

Here you can add elements you want to appear on every page, like page numbers. Drag guides from the rulers to set margins.

5. Design the Inside Pages

Insert new blank slides to add pages. Copy and paste elements from previous pages to maintain consistency.

Add text boxes, images, shapes, and other visual elements to create your inside pages. Ensure your content doesn’t extend past the guides.

6. Add Transitions Between Slides

Click Transitions tab to add page turn transitions between slides, so they flip like book pages. Choose a motion, sound, and transition speed.

7. Export as a PDF

When your book is complete, export it as a PDF. Go to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document. This will generate a PDF version your book that looks like an actual book!

PowerPoint Book Design Tips

Here are some top tips for designing your book in PowerPoint:

  • Use slide master to format page numbers, headers, footers
  • Add page turn transitions for book-like effect
  • Print book in landscape mode if making a photo book or children’s book
  • Export high quality PDF for print and ebook distribution
  • Design multiple slides the same then duplicate them
  • Utilize shapes, images, charts and SmartArt
  • Align objects to slide master guides for consistency

With some creativity and these PowerPoint techniques, you can craft a customized book complete with dynamic visuals to bring your story alive. The possibilities are endless!