How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation with Narration

Recording a PowerPoint presentation with narration is an excellent way to create engaging and informative content to share with others. Whether you need to record a presentation for work, school, or personal use, PowerPoint makes it simple to capture audio and pair it with your slides.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to record narration for PowerPoint on both Windows and Mac.

Getting Started

Before you start recording, take some time to prepare your PowerPoint deck and environment:

  • Review and finalize slides – Make sure the content, flow, transitions and timing of your slides are set before recording narration. It’s easier to record if you don’t have to rearrange slides later.
  • Write a script or outline – Having talking points ensures your narration flows smoothly and stays on topic. Don’t write out sentences word-for-word or you may sound robotic.
  • Set up your equipment – Use a quality USB microphone for best audio quality. Make sure it’s positioned properly to clearly pick up your voice. Use headphones to avoid feedback.
  • Choose a quiet location – Eliminate ambient noise from air conditioning, computer fans, hallway chatter, etc. Close doors and windows.

Recording Narration in PowerPoint on Windows

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the Slide Show tab.
  2. Click on Record Slide Show.
  3. Choose microphone, slide timings and other options.
  4. Select Start Recording to begin.
  5. Click through slides and record narration for each one.
    • Speak clearly and enunciate. Modulate your voice to avoid monotone narration.
    • Pause between slides. Narration won’t be recorded during transitions.
  6. Press Esc or select the stop button when finished.
  7. Play back the presentation to review and edit your recording.
  8. Export or save presentation as a video file.

Recording Narration in PowerPoint on Mac

  1. Open your presentation and select the Slideshow tab.
  2. Click Record Slide Show.
  3. Verify microphone and other settings.
  4. Click the round, red Record button.
  5. Click through slides and narrate content on each. Remember to pause between slides.
  6. Press Esc or select the stop button to finish recording.
  7. Review playback and edit if needed.
  8. Choose File > Export to save as a video.

PowerPoint Presentation Recording Tips

  • Break narration into short 1-2 minute chunks per slide
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Eliminate filler words like “um”
  • Cite sources when using data or statistics
  • Don’t read content directly from slides
  • Practice your presentation before recording the final version
  • Balance narration with silence
  • Listen back with a critical ear

Recording your PowerPoint narration does take some effort but being able to share video presentations that viewers can watch anytime, anywhere makes it worthwhile.

Follow these best practices and you’ll have professional voiceovers paired with compelling slides in no time.