How to Stop Google Slides From Suggesting Contacts When You Type a Name in a Comment

Here are the key points from the search results on how to stop Google Slides from suggesting contacts when you type a name in a comment:

  1. You can turn off suggested recipients when sharing a Google Slides file. Go to the sharing dialog box, uncheck “Show suggested recipients in the sharing dialog”[9]. This prevents suggestions when initially sharing the file, but does not affect later collaborations.
  2. There is no direct way to turn off @mention suggestions specifically within comments in Google Slides. The suggestions come from your contacts and cannot be disabled.
  3. You can disable all presence and @mention suggestions across Google Workspace apps in your account settings. Go to Settings > Google Workspace > Suggestions. Uncheck “Show suggestions to @mention people and Google Groups”[2]. However, this is a broad account setting that affects multiple Google services.
  4. As the owner of a file, you can delete any comments that inappropriately @mention someone. Open the comment history, select the comment, and choose “Delete”[6].
  5. Users can also hide their viewing activity and presence status in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files to avoid being @mentioned by others[7].

In summary, while you cannot specifically disable @mention suggestions in Google Slides comments only, you can either turn them off broadly across Google Workspace or manually delete any inappropriate suggestions that are made. Limiting sharing and viewer history can also reduce cases of unwanted contacts being suggested.