How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint for Free in WPS Office


Microsoft PowerPoint is the industry standard software for creating presentations. However, it requires an expensive Microsoft 365 subscription for full functionality. WPS Office Presentation offers a free and powerful alternative for opening, editing, and creating PowerPoint presentations.

WPS Office Overview

WPS Office is a free, open source office suite developed by Kingsoft. It includes a word processor (WPS Writer), spreadsheet (WPS Spreadsheet), presentation tool (WPS Presentation), and PDF editor (WPS PDF).

Key features of WPS Office:

  • 100% compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats including .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Free cloud storage and multi-device sync
  • No ads or trials

Opening PowerPoint Files in WPS Office

WPS Presentation seamlessly opens PowerPoint files with no formatting or compatibility issues. To open a PowerPoint file:

  1. Launch WPS Office
  2. Click on “Slides” in the sidebar
  3. Click on “Open” in the top menu
  4. Select the PowerPoint file and click “Open”

WPS Office perfectly preserves all text, images, animations, transitions, and layouts when opening PowerPoint files.

Editing PowerPoint Files in WPS Office

After opening a PowerPoint file in WPS Presentation, you can edit it just like in PowerPoint. Key editing features include:

Text formatting: Change fonts, sizes, colors, alignment, spacing, styles, etc.

Inserting objects: Add text boxes, shapes, images, charts, tables, video, audio, SmartArt, equations, and more

Slide layouts: Choose from various pre-designed slide layouts and master slides

Transitions and animations: Apply exciting transitions and animations to objects and text

Themes and templates: Enhance presentations with professionally designed themes and templates

All edits are saved automatically. You can also export back to PowerPoint format or PDF.

Creating New Presentations in WPS Office

To create a new presentation in WPS Office:

  1. Click on “Slides” on the sidebar
  2. Select “Blank” presentation
  3. Edit slides by adding text, images, shapes, charts, etc.
  4. Choose a theme and template to customize the design
  5. Add slide transitions and object animations
  6. Re-arrange slides as needed
  7. Save the presentation as a .pptx file

WPS Office gives you full control over creating professional presentations from scratch, without any limitations.

Unique Features in WPS Presentation

WPS Presentation offers some nifty features that PowerPoint lacks:

  • PDF conversion: Easily convert presentations to PDF documents
  • File compression: Reduce file sizes before sharing or emailing
  • Encryption: Password protect your presentations
  • Real-time co-editing: Collaborate with others on the same presentation
  • Online templates: Access free, beautiful templates from within the app

Advantages of WPS Office Over PowerPoint

Choosing WPS Office Presentation over Microsoft PowerPoint provides the following key advantages:

  • 100% free: No subscription or one-time purchase required
  • Frequent updates: New features and security patches added regularly
  • Cross-platform: Use on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, HarmonyOS
  • Lightweight: Less resource intensive than Microsoft Office
  • User-friendly: More intuitive and easier to master
  • No stability issues: Higher reliability than the PowerPoint desktop app
  • Online templates: Instantly access free, professional templates

For most basic presentation needs, WPS Office is a reliable, free alternative to PowerPoint that saves money without sacrificing functionality.


WPS Office Presentation enables opening, editing, creating, and converting PowerPoint presentations for free across platforms. It preserves full formatting and compatibility while offering unique features like PDF export, encryption, and real-time collaboration. For users seeking a free, lightweight, and user-friendly alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, WPS Office is an excellent choice.