Marine Tourism PowerPoint Template

Marine Tourism PowerPoint Template

These simple slides with curvy edges represent the wave shape alongside with background photo that related to the ocean, sea, or beach. You can replace the sample photo with your own without compromising the slide’s design. I keep the typography to be simple yet elegant and easy to read. The color selection is also minimal but you can notice the darkness of each color if you look closer. The template is good for a travel agency that wants to present its service about marine tourism, beach, sea, ocean, diving activity, or something between.


  • 3 slide with its own unique design
  • Curvy edges for the text area that represent the wave
  • Custom fonts that look pretty neat
  • Clean yet refreshing theme
  • Easy to replace the photo


Aspect ratioStandard 4:3
Font*Open Sans, Yellowtail, Oswald
LicenseCC BY 4.0