PowerPoint 2003: Adding Charts, Diagrams, and Tables

Adding visual elements like charts, diagrams, and tables to your PowerPoint 2003 presentations can make the information more engaging and easier to understand. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to add and format these elements.

Inserting Charts

Charts allow you to visually display data trends and relationships. To insert a chart:

  1. Click Insert > Chart on the menu bar
  2. Select the chart type you want from the dialog box
  3. An embedded chart will be inserted into the slide along with a datasheet to enter values

Some common chart types:

  • Column – Compares values vertically
  • Bar – Compares values horizontally
  • Line – Shows trends over time
  • Pie – Shows percentage contributions

To edit the chart type later, double-click the chart, go to Chart > Chart Type, and select a new one.

You can also change elements like:

  • Axis labels
  • Data labels
  • Legend position

Adding Diagrams

Diagrams like flowcharts, cycles, and hierarchies help illustrate processes and relationships. To add a diagram:

  1. Click Insert > Diagram on the menu bar
  2. Select the diagram type from the dialog box
  3. Edit the placeholder text and shapes

Some tips for working with diagrams:

  • Click the Layout button on the Diagram Tools tab to change the layout
  • Use the Reverse Diagram button to reverse the hierarchy
  • Insert shapes from the Drawing toolbar to build custom diagrams

Inserting Tables

Tables help organize detailed information into rows and columns. To add a table:

  1. Click Insert > Table
  2. Drag to set the number of rows and columns
  3. A table will be inserted with placeholder text

To modify tables:

  • Insert rows and columns by right-clicking the table
  • Delete rows, columns, or cells
  • Merge cells by selecting them and clicking the Merge button

Use table styles and borders on the Table Tools tab to customize formatting.

Formatting Tips

  • Use chart styles and layouts to quickly apply formatting
  • Change diagram shapes and connectors via the Format menu
  • Align tables and apply professional table styles

Additional Elements

Other elements you can add to PowerPoint 2003:

  • SmartArt – Professionally designed graphics
  • Text boxes – Emphasize key points
  • WordArt – Stylized text
  • Shapes – Lines, basic shapes, arrows
  • Clip art – Pre-made illustrations
  • Media – Video, audio, animations


By leveraging charts, diagrams, tables, and more in your PowerPoint decks, you can create more visually compelling and effective presentations. Use the tips in this guide to quickly enhance your slides.