PowerPoint 2010: Creating Photo Albums in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 makes it easy to turn your photos into polished photo albums that you can share with others. With its built-in tools, you can quickly arrange your pictures, add captions, adjust the formatting, and apply design themes. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to create beautiful photo albums using PowerPoint 2010.

Gathering and Importing Photos

The first step is collecting the photos you want to use for your album. You can use your own photos or find stock images online. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Use high-quality images for the best print results
  • Make sure you have permission to use photos taken by others
  • Import photos from your computer, camera, scanner, flash drive, network folders, SkyDrive, and more
  • Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP

To import photos:

  • Go to the Insert tab and click the Photo Album button
  • In the Photo Album dialog box, click File/Disk to browse your computer or other locations
  • Select the images you want and click Insert

The images will be inserted into separate slides, ready for you to arrange into your photo album.

Arranging and Formatting Photos

With your photos imported, you can start building your album:

Rearrange Slides

  • Use normal PowerPoint tools to rearrange, duplicate, or delete photo slides

Add Captions

  • Double-click the photo and add a title, date, location, or other caption

Adjust and Crop

  • Use the Picture Tools tab to adjust brightness, contrast, color, and cropping

Apply Picture Styles

  • Use built-in styles like Frames, Soft Edges, and more

Align and Group

  • Align multiple photos in various configurations
  • Group photos to move them together

Take advantage of PowerPoint’s alignment grid and guides (under View tab) as you experiment with arrangements.

Applying Photo Album Themes

Once your photos are imported and arranged, you can apply a pre-designed theme to give your album a professional look:

  • Go to the Design tab and click the More button in the Themes group
  • Scroll through the options and select a photo album theme
  • The Slide Master with theme formatting will automatically be applied to all slides

Themes handle all the design work for you, with coordinated fonts, colors, and effects. But you still have full control to customize it further.

Customizing and Finalizing Album

Don’t be afraid to tweak the theme to make it your own:

Modify Theme Elements

  • Use Slide Master to globally change theme fonts, colors, effects

Animate Transitions

  • Add subtle motion effects as you flip through the album

Insert Decorative Elements

  • Drop in clip art, shapes, and text boxes

Add Backdrop Pages

  • Insert colorful pages behind photos for more depth

When finished, save your photo album as a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) to easily present it as a slideshow. You can also export it other formats like PDF.

Showcasing and Sharing Albums

Now comes the fun part – showing off your album! Here are some ideas:

  • Present as a self-running slideshow
  • Share via email, cloud drives, social media
  • Print as a glossy hardcopy photo book
  • Display on a digital picture frame