PowerPoint 2013: Formatting Pictures

Formatting pictures in PowerPoint allows you to enhance images to better suit your presentation. There are various ways to format pictures including cropping, adding styles and effects, adjusting color and brightness, and more.

Cropping Pictures

Cropping allows you to trim away unwanted areas of an image. Reasons for cropping include:

  • Focusing on the key part of the image
  • Removing distracting or unnecessary details
  • Making the image fit better on the slide

To crop a picture in PowerPoint 2013:

  1. Select the picture
  2. Go to the Picture Tools Format tab
  3. Click Crop > Crop to enter cropping mode
    • Black crop handles will appear around the image
  4. Click and drag the crop handles to remove areas
  5. Click outside the picture when finished to crop

You can also crop pictures to specific shapes. This stylizes the image:

  1. Select the picture
  2. Go to Picture Tools Format > Crop > Crop to Shape
  3. Choose a shape from the menu

Applying Picture Styles

Picture styles allow you to quickly format images. They apply artistic effects, borders, and more with just one click.

To use picture styles:

  1. Select the image
  2. Go to Picture Tools Format > Picture Styles
  3. Click a style to apply it

You can also customize styles using the options under Picture Border and Picture Effects.

Adjusting Color and Corrections

You may need to adjust the color, brightness, contrast etc. of images. Reasons include:

  • Fixing dark, blurry, or washed out pictures
  • Enhancing color
  • Stylizing images in grayscale or sepia

To access the color and correction tools:

  1. Select the picture
  2. Go to Picture Tools Format > Corrections or Color
  3. Use the settings to enhance the image

Advanced options are available in the Picture Correction Options and Picture Color Options menus.

Compressing Images

Large high-resolution pictures can make your PowerPoint file size very big. To reduce file size:

  1. Select the picture
  2. Go to Picture Tools Format > Compress Pictures
  3. Adjust the options to compress the image
  4. Click OK

Compressing images reduces quality so only do it if necessary.

Resetting Pictures

To revert formatting changes made to a picture:

  1. Select the picture
  2. Go to Picture Tools Format > Reset Picture

This resets the image to its original state when inserted.

Tips for Formatting Images

  • Use cropping to focus on key parts of pictures
  • Enhance images with styles, artistic effects and borders
  • Fix issues like blurriness with color corrections
  • Compress large pictures to reduce file size
  • Reset pictures to undo multiple changes

Properly formatting images in PowerPoint boosts quality and visual appeal. It transforms ordinary pictures into memorable parts of your presentation.