PowerPoint XP: Working with Slide Views

  1. Uncheck “Show scrollbar” under Multiple monitors. This prevents a scrollbar from appearing and pausing the show when you click elsewhere.
  2. Set the slide transition to advance automatically after a specific time. Go to Slide Show > Slide Transition and check “Automatically after” then set a time.
  3. Start the slideshow on the secondary monitor. Go to Slide Show > Set Up Show and choose the correct monitor under “Show slides on:”
  4. Save and close PowerPoint once the slideshow starts. The show should now keep playing as you work in other applications. Clicking the PowerPoint icon in the taskbar will reopen the show.
  5. Consider using Presenter View if you need to control the show and see slide previews. This keeps the fullscreen show running separately from the Presenter View control window.

The keys are to use an automatic self-running slideshow in its own window and closing PowerPoint fully once it starts. Let me know if you have any other questions!