How to Search Phrases in PowerPoint File

In some cases, you might want to find certain phrases inside the PowerPoint file. However, looking at each slide manually would be exhausting and consume a lot of time, especially if you have dozen of slides.

Instead, you can find specific phrases or words within the PowerPoint file easily. The software will automatically search the exact phrases you are looking for — crawling plenty of slides in a matter of seconds. From there, you can delete or replace them if you want.

Not only that, this feature is available on all Microsoft PowerPoint versions!

How to search in PowerPoint file

Time Needed : 2 minutes

In this guide, you will learn how to find certain phrases or words in PowerPoint almost instantly. Just make sure something you are looking for is in the form of text, not media such as images and videos because PowerPoint is not (yet) capable of that. Otherwise, here is the guide.

  1. Go to the Home tab.

  2. Click on Find, represented by a magnifier icon.

  3. Type the phrases you want to find, and then click Find Next.

  4. It will select the exact match word on the slide. You can also click the Find Next button again to find more on other slides.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Phrases/words
  • PowerPoint file

The screenshots above are based on Curvy SWOT with Circular Image PowerPoint Template. Get it for free now!

This “Find” tool is pretty handy and available on the majority of Microsoft Office products. You also can summon this tool by pressing CTRL+F simultaneously.

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