Sharing Common Slides Across a Number of PowerPoint Presentations

  • You can copy and paste slides between PowerPoint files by having both presentations open side-by-side and dragging slides from one file to the other. This duplicates the slides without affecting the original file.
  • The “Reuse Slides” feature allows you to insert slides from another presentation file into your current file. You browse to select the other file and then pick which slides to insert.

Collaboration Features

  • PowerPoint’s collaboration tools allow multiple people to view and edit a presentation at the same time. You can share a link to the file and control editing permissions.
  • Indicators show where others are currently viewing or working inside the file. Comments, tasks, and chat features facilitate communication within the file.

Benefits of Reusing Slides

  • Saves time since you don’t have to recreate slides. Updates made to the original slides can be quickly incorporated into multiple presentations.
  • Keeps presentations consistent in terms of style, branding, templates, etc. when reusing slides.
  • Can help organize long or complex presentations by breaking them into logical sections contained in separate files. Reuse these section slides in future presentations.

Best Practices

  • Be consistent with slide themes, fonts, animations, etc. Too much variation is distracting.
  • Limit transitions and animations. Use sparingly for emphasis.
  • Balance text, images, and white space. Avoid crowded slides.
  • Practice non-linear navigation for smooth presentation flow.

In summary, PowerPoint makes it easy to reuse slides across presentations while collaborating with others, helping to save time and ensure consistency.