8 Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac (macOS 11 Included)

Converting PDF files to PowerPoint presentations can be extremely useful for editing and repurposing content. Whether you need to update an old presentation or reuse content from a PDF document, there are several ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint format on a Mac.

This article outlines 8 methods to convert PDF files to PowerPoint (.pptx) on macOS, including macOS 11 Big Sur.

Use the Preview App to Export PDF Pages

The Preview app comes pre-installed on every Mac and provides basic PDF editing tools. Here’s how to use Preview to convert PDF pages into images for PowerPoint:

  1. Open the PDF file in Preview
  2. Go to File > Export…
  3. Choose “JPEG”, “PNG” or other image formats
  4. Open PowerPoint and insert the exported images

While this method won’t convert the PDF text itself, it’s a quick way to get PDF content into PowerPoint. You can then add text boxes over the inserted images in PowerPoint.

Use Automator to Batch Convert PDF Pages

Automator is an automation tool that comes with macOS. Here are the steps to convert multiple PDFs pages at once:

  1. Open Automator and create a new document
  2. Search for “PDF to Images” and add it
  3. Set preferences for image format, quality, etc.
  4. Add a “Rename Finder Items” action
  5. Save and run the workflow by dragging PDF files onto it

This technique converts each PDF page into a separate image file that can then be quickly inserted into PowerPoint.

Use Adobe Acrobat Online PDF to PPT Converter

Adobe provides an online PDF to PowerPoint converter that’s free to use. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload a PDF or drag-and-drop file
  2. Wait for it to process
  3. Download converted PPTX file

The conversion quality is quite good, but there are file size limits unless you sign up for a paid Adobe subscription.

Convert with Microsoft PowerPoint Itself

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac has a built-in function to convert PDF content:

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Select Insert > Object > Create from File
  3. Choose PDF and pick options
  4. Insert entire PDF or select pages

This method embeds PDF pages as PowerPoint objects that can still be edited separately from the PowerPoint content.

Use Third-Party Apps Like PDFelement

Dedicated PDF editing tools like PDFelement make converting PDF documents to PowerPoint easy.

Key steps when using Wondershare PDFelement:

  1. Add a PDF file
  2. Select the “Powerpoint” output format
  3. Customize conversion options
  4. Export PPTX file

Paid tools like PDFelement provide the best quality conversion and many customization options.

Convert PDF to Images to PowerPoint

An alternative route is first converting the PDF file into images using Preview or another app, and then inserting those photos into PowerPoint.

Benefits of this 2-step approach:

  • Retains exact formatting/layout
  • Allows editing images individually


  • More time consuming
  • Produces larger file sizes

Use Automator to Extract PDF Text

The Automator tool in macOS can extract just the text from a PDF:

  1. Set up an Automator workflow
  2. Add “Extract PDF Text” action
  3. Add “Create Text File” action
  4. Save output .txt files

Then copy-paste the extracted text into PowerPoint. This method preserves all text content so it can be edited.

Use Online Tools Like Smallpdf

In addition to Adobe, there are other free online PDF to PowerPoint converters to consider:

  • Smallpdf
  • PDF2Go
  • Zamzar

These tools work right inside the browser without needing to install any software. Just upload a PDF, wait for it to process, and download the PowerPoint presentation.


There are many options for converting PDF documents to PowerPoint format on a Mac. The best method for you depends on factors like:

  • Number of files needing conversion
  • Retaining formatting precision
  • Editing vs. reuse of content
  • Free vs. paid tools

Preview and Automator offer free conversion functionality for macOS users, while paid apps like Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement provide advanced features. Online cloud converters give you additional flexibility to convert PDF to PowerPoint directly in the browser.

By understanding these top 8 techniques for converting PDFs to editable and reusable PowerPoint presentations, you can easily adapt and repurpose PDF content as needed for business, educational or personal use.