How to Bend Text in PowerPoint

Time Needed : 2 minutes


In this guide, you will learn how to bend any text in Microsoft PowerPoint so it looks curved. There are many curved styles you could choose for your presentation. Even better, you don't have to use additional third-party software. Everything you need is already in PowerPoint. Check this out!

  1. Type any text in the PowerPoint slide.

  2. Click on the text you want to bend until the selection box appears.

  3. Go to the Format menu.

  4. Head to Text Effects > Transform and choose any style from Follow Path or Warp.

  5. Finally, you bent the text!

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After that, you can change the text background, its color, outline style, and other necessary effects. However, I notice that you can’t change the font size after the bending effect applied. Hence, make sure the text already on the right size before.

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