Download a Free Netflix Google Slides Template

Google Slides is a popular presentation software that allows users to create visually engaging slide decks. With the ability to customize themes, layouts, fonts, images, and more, Google Slides makes it easy to design professional presentations.

One fun way to spice up your next presentation is by using a Netflix-inspired template. These templates allow you to mimic the look and feel of the popular streaming platform Netflix.

In this article, we’ll explore 7 free Netflix Google Slides templates you can download, along with tips for customizing them.

Benefits of Using a Netflix Template

Here are some of the key benefits of using a Netflix-style template for your next presentation:

  • Eye-catching visuals: Netflix templates feature bold colors, movie posters, icons, and other graphics that grab attention.
  • Cinematic theme: The dark backgrounds and vibrant imagery create a cinematic, storytelling vibe.
  • Familiar concept: Audiences understand the Netflix brand, so it resonates.
  • Visual storytelling: The template layout guides you to showcase visuals and key information effectively.
  • Conversation starter: The popular culture theme sparks discussion and interest.

7 Free Netflix Google Slides Templates

Here are seven free Netflix-inspired Google Slides templates to download:

1. Netflix Marketing Presentation Template

This template from Slidesgo mimics the Netflix marketing aesthetic with a bold red and black color scheme. It contains 30 unique slides featuring infographics, image placeholders, quotes, statistics, and more.


  • Info slides on Netflix’s history and business model
  • Charts and graphs to showcase data
  • Image slides with quote overlays
  • Slide layouts for comparisons, timelines, pricing tables

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2. Netflix Dashboard Template

From SlidesCarnival, this Netflix admin dashboard template turns your presentation into an analytics interface. It includes charts, metrics, category segments, and more.


  • Metrics on membership, growth, content hours
  • Charts for tracking statistics
  • Category sections for differentiation
  • Minimalist, professional design

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3. Netflix Profile Presentation Template

Build a visually impactful profile presentation with this free Google Slides theme. Showcase popular shows, recommendations, continue watching status, and more.


  • Slide layouts modeled after Netflix profiles and menus
  • Image placeholders for showcasing movies/series
  • Charts, graphics, and shape dividers for visual interest

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4. Netflix Business Model Presentation

This Netflix PowerPoint template from SlideTeam features infographics, charts, and visuals to showcase Netflix’s business model, market share, and more.


  • Timeline of Netflix’s history
  • Business model canvas framework
  • Charts on financial data, market cap, share price
  • SWOT analysis layout

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5. Netflix Marketing Plan Presentation

From SlideModel, this template contains 28 slides to craft a marketing strategy presentation inspired by Netflix.


  • Cover slide with tagline and icons
  • Agenda, goal setting, competitor analysis slides
  • Charts and graphs for data display
  • Image slides with quote overlays
  • Pricing table and strategy timeline layouts

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6. Netflix Profile Google Slides Theme

Build an eye-catching Netflix profile for a movie, show, or project with this creative Google Slides theme. It includes graphics, icons, progress trackers, and more.


  • Profile overview slide with avatar, details
  • Content showcase layout
  • Continue watching progress tracker
  • Image slides with text overlay
  • Badges, stickers, and icons

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7. Netflix Video Streaming Presentation Template

This animated PowerPoint template from SlideTeam mimics the Netflix video streaming platform. It contains infographics, icons, image slides, and more.


  • Cover slide with video playback animation
  • Charts on membership, growth
  • Image slides with statistics
  • Animated icons and illustrations
  • Comparison tables and pricing tiers

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Tips for Customizing Your Netflix Template

Once you’ve downloaded your template of choice, you can customize it to fit your specific needs:

Edit text and fonts: Change headings, subheadings, and body text. Tweak font sizes, styles, and colors.

Modify colors and graphics: Alter colored shapes, background colors, icons, badges, etc.

Add or delete slides: Remove slides you don’t need or insert new blank layouts.

Input your visuals: Insert your own photos, illustrations, logos, and other graphics.

Enter your data: Populate the built-in charts, graphs, and tables with your statistics and figures.

Animate builds and transitions: Use animations and transitions to make your slides more dynamic.

Present Like Netflix with a Free Template

Using a professionally designed Netflix Google Slides template can take your presentation to the next level. Simply pick your favorite free template, customize it to your needs, and add your own visual content.

With eye-catching Netflix aesthetics and built-in slide layouts, you can easily create a presentation experience that captivates any audience. So grab your free Netflix template today and get ready to tell your story with cinematic flair!