Earth Atmosphere Layer PowerPoint Template

Fully made with a shape, at the first slide you can perceive a clean meadow with several trees and cows. Meanwhile, the sky is separated into 5 segments that representing Earth’s atmosphere layer; Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere. The second slide is basically a sample of your main topic, a place where you can write your main presentation idea. A good-looking font named Montserrat seems to be nice to use for this PowerPoint theme. However, you can always use any font you want and any design you need since the entire elements are 100% editable. This PowerPoint template is suitable for Earth-related presentation topics, especially when you going to talk about the atmosphere and its component. After all, the second slide still will be great for any presentation topic.


  • 2 slides for an intro and your main presentation slide
  • Fully made with a shape hence easy to edit
  • Clean, refreshing color selection


Aspect ratioStandard 4:3
Created usingMicrosoft PowerPoint 365

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  1. Very Good! I used it for school and it is very helpful. The font is one of my favorites too!

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