How to Add a Link in PowerPoint

Adding links in PowerPoint allows you to connect to other slides, documents, webpages, or files. This enhances presentations by providing additional information and interactivity for the audience.

Types of Links in PowerPoint

There are three main types of links you can add in PowerPoint:


Hyperlinks connect text or images to external resources like:

  • Websites
  • Documents/Presentations
  • Media files
  • Email addresses

To insert a hyperlink, select the text or object you want to link, go to Insert > Hyperlink, and specify the destination.

Action Buttons

Action buttons are clickable shapes that link to other slides or documents. To add an action button, select Insert > Shapes, choose a shape style, and set the hyperlink destination in the popup sidebar.

Internal Links

You can link slides within the same presentation for easy navigation. Select the text or object you want to link, go to Insert > Hyperlink, and choose Place in This Document to select the destination slide.

How to Add Hyperlinks

Follow these steps to insert a hyperlink:

  1. Select the text or object (image, shape) you want to hyperlink
  2. Go to Insert > Link
  3. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, choose the link type under Link to
    • Existing File or Web Page: Specify a URL or file path
    • Place in This Document: Choose a slide to link to
    • Create New Document: Link to a new presentation
    • E-mail Address: Open default email app
  4. Customize link appearance and ScreenTip text
  5. Select OK

Tips for Using Hyperlinks

  • Set meaningful hyperlink text so users know where it leads
  • Use ScreenTips to provide additional info on hover
  • Test links before presenting to ensure they work properly
  • Consider linking key terms to a glossary slide

Adding Action Buttons

To insert an action button:

  1. Go to Insert > Shapes
  2. Select a shape style for your button
  3. In the sidebar, choose Hyperlink To and specify the destination
  4. Customize button text, color, effects as needed

Pro Tip: Make action buttons stand out visually so users know they are clickable.

Linking Slides

Creating internal links between slides makes it easy to navigate longer presentations:

  1. On the slide you want to link from, select the text/object to hyperlink
  2. Go to Insert > Hyperlink
  3. Choose Place in This Document
  4. Select the destination slide to link to
  5. Customize link text and ScreenTip

Tip: Link important slides like the table of contents or agenda to repeats for quick access.


Adding hyperlinks and action buttons boosts presentations by connecting information, improving flow, and allowing interactivity. Use them intentionally to provide resources without disrupting the slide content. Test all links prior to presenting to ensure a smooth experience for audiences.