How to Add Rolling Credits in PowerPoint

Adding rolling credits to the end of your PowerPoint presentation is an impactful way to recognize contributors and add a touch of Hollywood flair. This easy-to-follow guide will teach you step-by-step how to create scrolling movie-style credits in PowerPoint.

Why Add Rolling Credits?

Rolling credits allow you to:

  • Thank team members, collaborators, clients, or anyone who helped with the project
  • Look more professional and polished
  • Emulate the big-screen experience
  • Make your presentation more memorable

Whether you’re wrapping up a business proposal, internal project presentation, school assignment, or personal passion project, customized rolling credits make for an elevated ending.

Step 1: Insert a Text Box on the Final Slide

Start by adding a blank slide to the end of your PowerPoint deck where you want the credits to appear.

On the Insert tab, click the Text Box icon and drag to draw out a text box large enough to contain all of the names. Size it to take up much of the slide’s vertical space since the credits will scroll from bottom to top.

Insert text box

Step 2: Enter Credits and Format the Text

In the text box, enter the credits with each name/title on its own line. The text box will expand automatically to fit everything.

Next, select the credit text and click the Center button on the Home tab to align the credits in the middle of the slide.

Adjust the font size, color, etc to your liking. Enlarging the text to around 32pt is typical for cinematic credits.

Enter and format credits

Step 3: Apply the Rolling Credits Animation

Here comes the fun part – making the magic happen!

With the text box still selected, go to the Animations tab and click Add Animation > More Entrance Effects.

In the Add Entrance Effect dialog, go to Exciting and select the Credits animation. This will cause the names to scroll upwards, disappearing off the top of the slide.

Hit OK and the credits animation effect will be added to your text box.

Add rolling credits animation

Step 4: Preview and Tweak the Animation (Optional)

At this point, the rolling credits will work as-is. But you can customize aspects of the animation further in the Effect Options:

  • Timing: Adjust the speed and smoothness
  • Text animation: Choose if each name fades, wipes, or slides in
  • Sequence: Control if names appear together or one at a time

Under Timing, try increasing the delay between names for a more cinematic pace. Get it looking just right for your liking!

Customize credit animation

Step 5: Set Timing on Remaining Slides (Optional)

For the credits to automatically start rolling after the final slide, set the transition timing.

On earlier slides, shorten the duration, like 1-2 seconds. On the credits slide, lengthen the duration to match the animation length.

Now when presenting, the credits will start scrolling at just the right moment for seamless flow!

Transition slide timing

Customize Further (Optional Ideas)

Take the rolling credits even further by:

  • Adding motion path animation so they scroll diagonally
  • Including iconic symbols of your industry or company
  • Pairing the text with background music or sound effects
  • Making certain names bold, larger, or highlighted colors
  • Inserting images of contributors alongside names
  • Animating the slide background or adding graphic shapes

Let your creativity run wild! Fit the credits to your brand style for maximum impact.

Present with Confidence

Now you can wrap up your important presentations with properly recognized credits like a true Hollywood production!

Impress audiences by showing appreciation in an elegant cinematic way. Rolling credits make your hard work seem even more monumental.

Following this easy PowerPoint tutorial, you can add scrolling movie-style credits to any presentation. Simply insert a text box, add names, and apply the pre-built animation in just minutes.

Dazzle everyone until the very last frame with a memorable, professional sign-off they won’t soon forget. Take your presentations to the next level with credits that captivate.