PowerPoint XP: Adding WordArt to Your PowerPoint Presentation

  • WordArt is a gallery of text styles and effects that you can add to text to create decorative effects in your PowerPoint slides. Some examples are shadowed, mirrored, stretched or skewed text.
  • It allows you to easily make text stand out on your slides.

How to Insert WordArt

  • On the Insert tab, click the WordArt button and select a style from the gallery. This will insert a text box with the WordArt style applied.
  • You can also select existing text on a slide, go to the Format tab, and select a WordArt style to convert the text.

Customizing WordArt

  • Once inserted, click inside the WordArt text box to edit the text.
  • On the Format tab, use the WordArt Styles group to change the fill, outline and effects.
  • Use the Size group to adjust the dimensions of the WordArt.
  • Right-click the WordArt and use options like Send to Back or Rotate to position the text.

Key Points

  • WordArt styles are theme-specific, so they will update if you change the theme.
  • Use WordArt sparingly as too much can make slides look unprofessional.
  • You can insert images into WordArt to create further effects.

Let me know if you have any other questions!