How to Change Hyperlink Color in PowerPoint 2010 (An Easy 5 Step Guide)

Changing the default blue hyperlink color in PowerPoint 2010 presentations is easy with just a few clicks. Follow this simple guide to customize hyperlink colors to match your presentation design.

Why Change Hyperlink Color

The default hyperlink color in PowerPoint 2010 is blue. While familiar, blue links may not always fit the color scheme of your presentation.

For example, blue hyperlinks could:

  • Clash with background images or colors
  • Blend in and be hard to see
  • Look unprofessional

Fortunately, you can easily change hyperlink colors in PowerPoint 2010.

2 Ways to Change Hyperlink Color

There are two main ways to change default hyperlink colors in PowerPoint 2010:

1. Change Hyperlink Color for the Whole Presentation

This method updates the default hyperlink color that applies automatically to all hyperlinks in your presentation slides.

To change default hyperlink color:

  • On the Design tab, click Colors
  • Click Create New Theme Colors at the bottom
  • Next to Hyperlink, click the color box and pick a new color
  • Click Save

Now any new hyperlinks you add will use the updated color.

2. Change Hyperlink Color for Individual Links

This method lets you set custom colors for specific hyperlinks in your presentation.

To change color for one hyperlink:

  • Select the hyperlink text
  • On the Home tab, pick a font color

This lets you make certain links stand out with unique colors.

3 Tips for Coordinating Hyperlink Color

Here are three tips for choosing hyperlink colors that enhance presentation designs:

  • Use a lighter color for dark backgrounds so links are readable
  • Pick a brighter color like red or yellow to make links stand out
  • Match a color in images or theme colors for cohesive designs

Take some time to experiment with different hyperlink color options to find what works best for your presentations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Hyperlink Color in PowerPoint 2010

Follow this simple 5-step process to change default hyperlink colors across your entire PowerPoint 2010 presentation:

Step 1: Select the Design Tab

Click the Design tab in the PowerPoint ribbon. This tab contains color and theme options.

Step 2: Open the Colors Menu

Click the Colors button under Themes. A menu appears.

Step 3: Click “Create New Theme Colors”

At the bottom of the Colors menu, click Create New Theme Colors. The Theme Colors dialog box opens.

Step 4: Change Default Hyperlink Color

Next to Hyperlink, click the color box, then choose a new color from the palette.

Step 5: Save New Default Color

Once you’ve selected a new hyperlink color, click Save at the bottom.

After saving, all hyperlinks in your presentation will now display in the updated color.

And that’s it! With just a few clicks, you can easily change the default hyperlink color to match your PowerPoint 2010 presentation designs.

More Customization Options

Beyond changing the default color, you also have options to:

  • Change followed hyperlink color
  • Modify hyperlink font styles
  • Remove underline from hyperlinks
  • Apply custom colors to individual links

So if you need hyperlinks that stand out or blend seamlessly into your presentation, you have the tools to customize their appearance in PowerPoint 2010.

Changing hyperlink colors from the default blue is fast and simple. Use the steps in this guide to update links across an entire presentation or format individual hyperlinks. With the right colors, your links can coordinate beautifully with any design.