How to Change the Template in PowerPoint

  1. Save the new template you want to apply to your computer ([1]).
  2. In your existing PowerPoint presentation, go to the Design tab and click “Browse for Themes” ([2], [7]).
  3. Browse to the location where you saved the new template and select it to apply it to your presentation ([7]).
  4. Save your PowerPoint file to keep the new template design ([7]).

How to Create a Custom Template from Scratch

  1. Open a new blank PowerPoint presentation ([18]).
  2. Adjust the slide size if desired by going to the Design tab, clicking Slide Size, and customizing the dimensions ([14], [18]).
  3. Edit the Slide Master to change fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. that you want applied to all slides ([5], [18]).
  4. Add any standard content you want in all presentations, like logos ([4]).
  5. Save the file as a PowerPoint Template (.potx) through the File > Save As menu ([4], [14]).


  • Use Slide Master view to edit templates easily ([5], [18])
  • Save presentations with designs you like as templates for future use ([2], [4])
  • Browse online galleries and marketplaces to find templates to customize ([2], [12])
  • Paste slides from an old presentation into a new template file to quickly change designs ([10])

Let me know if you have any other questions!