How to Hold a Q&A Session During a Google Slides Presentation

Holding a Q&A session during a Google Slides presentation is an excellent way to increase audience engagement and clarify any points of confusion. With Google Slides’ built-in Q&A feature, presenters can easily manage audience questions in real-time.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to seamlessly integrate a Q&A session into your next Google Slides presentation.

Step 1: Set Up Presenter View in Google Slides

To access the Q&A management tools, you need to present your slides in Presenter View mode. Here’s how:

  1. Open your presentation in Google Slides.
  2. Click the “Present” drop-down menu in the top right.
  3. Select “Presenter View” from the menu.

This will open your slideshow in a separate presenter window, with tools and controls for managing your presentation.

![Enter Presenter View][1]

Step 2: Launch the Q&A Session

With Presenter View open, launch a Q&A session for your audience:

  1. Click the “Audience Tools” tab in the presenter window sidebar.
  2. Click “Start new” to initiate a fresh Q&A session.

This will display a URL at the top of the presentation that audience members can visit to submit questions and vote on existing questions.

![Starting a Q&A Session][2]

Step 3: Manage Incoming Audience Questions

As audience questions come in, you can view and manage them from the presenter window:

  • Questions will appear in the sidebar automatically.
  • Click “Present” on a question to display it on the presentation slides.
  • Click “Hide” to remove a displayed question.
  • Star important questions you want to return to later.

Cycle through relevant questions to address audience concerns during your presentation.

![Managing Audience Questions][3]

Step 4: Let Audience Members Drive the Conversation

Encourage your audience to:

  • Upvote questions they want prioritized.
  • Submit questions anonymously if they wish.

Allow participants to guide the discussion based on what interests and concerns them most.

Step 5: Wrap Up the Q&A Session

When you’re ready to conclude the Q&A portion, simply toggle the “Accepting questions” switch off in the presenter window sidebar.

The Q&A view will automatically close shortly after you end the main Google Slides presentation.

Step 6: Review the Q&A History

Under “Tools”, click on “Q&A history” to view archived records of all your past Q&A sessions within that Google Slides presentation.

This allows you to revisit unanswered questions and gain insight into how to improve your presentation.

![Q&A History][4]

And that’s it! With these six simple steps, you can easily hold engaging real-time Q&A sessions within your Google Slides presentations. Integrating a Q&A segment is a fantastic way to boost audience engagement and clarify any confusing or controversial points in your content.