How to Insert Check Mark in PowerPoint for Office 365

Check marks are a useful way to indicate completion, correctness, or approval in PowerPoint presentations. With Office 365, inserting check marks into PowerPoint slides is quick and easy using several methods.

Why Use Check Marks

Check marks serve multiple purposes in presentations:

  • Indicate completion of tasks or steps in a process
  • Show correctness of quiz answers or solutions
  • Highlight approved items in a list
  • Visually break up bullet points and lists

Using check marks makes presentations more visually engaging and easier to comprehend. They draw the audience’s attention to important points.

Insert Check Mark Using Symbols

The Symbols menu contains check mark icons you can insert:

  1. Navigate to the Insert tab
  2. Click the Symbols dropdown and select More Symbols
  3. Select the Wingdings font
  4. Scroll and select the check mark icon you want
  5. Click Insert


  • Quick and easy method
  • Variety of check mark icons to choose from
  • Can adjust size, color, etc. after inserting

Insert Check Mark Using Font Shortcuts

You can use shortcut keys to insert check marks from the Wingdings font:

  1. Navigate to the slide and place cursor where you want the icon
  2. Press Alt + 0252 on your keyboard number pad
  3. A check mark icon will be inserted


  • Very fast way to insert check marks
  • Don’t need to open menus or dialog boxes

Insert Check Marks as Bullets

You can format bullets to display check marks instead:

  1. Select the text you want to be bulleted
  2. On the Home tab select the Bullets dropdown and choose a check mark icon
  3. The paragraphs will change to show check mark bullets


  • Easy way to bullet multiple paragraphs
  • Check marks stand out more than regular dots or symbols

Draw a Custom Check Mark

For a customized look, draw your own check mark shape:

  1. On the Insert tab select Shapes
  2. Select the line or scribble shape
  3. Draw a check mark using your mouse or touchpad
  4. Format to desired size, color, etc.


  • Create check marks matched to your presentation’s visual theme
  • Animate or trigger custom actions with check marks

Make Check Marks Interactive

You can add interactivity to check marks, allowing users to check/uncheck them:

  1. On the Developer tab, select Check Box Form Control
  2. Draw a checkbox on the slide
  3. Right-click the checkbox and select Format Control
  4. On the Properties tab, fill in the desired values
  5. Save and close the menu
  6. Test the interaction!


  • Engages audience by letting them interact
  • Use for quizzes, surveys, task lists, etc.

Animating Check Marks

Animations make check marks more dynamic:

  1. Insert your check mark symbol
  2. Select it, go to Animations tab
  3. Choose an entrance, emphasis, motion path, or exit effect
  4. Preview the animation
  5. Adjust animation triggers or timing settings


  • Draws attention to important points
  • Adds flair and interest to presentations

Using check marks effectively takes your PowerPoint slides to the next level. Experiment with different check mark styles and techniques to find what works best for your particular presentations and needs. The ability to easily insert and customize check marks is a valuable feature of Office 365 for boosting engagement and visual appeal.


  • Check marks indicate completeness, correctness, or approval
  • Office 365 PowerPoint enables inserting them in various quick ways
  • Symbols, fonts shortcuts, bullets, shapes, and animations can be used
  • Interactive checkboxes engage audiences during presentations

Hopefully this overview has shown you how to best utilize check marks in your PowerPoint slides using Office 365! Let me know if you have any other questions.