How to Make Jeopardy on Google Slides

Jeopardy games are a fun and engaging way to review content and test students’ knowledge. Making your own Jeopardy game on Google Slides is easy with some simple tips. In this article, we’ll walk through step-by-step how to make an interactive Jeopardy game from scratch.

Benefits of Making Jeopardy Games

There are many benefits to making your own Jeopardy game:

  • Reinforces learning through competition and gamification
  • Allows customization for your specific curriculum and students
  • Encourages student participation and engagement
  • Can be reused and updated each year
  • Provides a way to review and test comprehension

Step 1: Set Up the Game Board

The first step is to open a new Google Slides presentation and create your game board.

  • Insert a table with 6 columns and 5 rows
  • Merge the cells in the top row to create a title (“Jeopardy!”)
  • Enter categories across the columns
  • Enter dollar values down the rows

Be creative with your category names and point values! Tailor them to your specific curriculum.

Step 2: Make Clue Slides

Next, create a separate slide for each clue.

  • Use the “New Slide” option to make slides after your game board slide
  • On each clue slide, insert a text box and type your question
  • Consider adding images for visual interest

Organize your clues under the appropriate category and point value. Add helpful details in the slide notes.

Step 3: Connect the Slides

Here’s the key step to making your game interactive!

  • On each text box in the game board, right click and select “Link…”
  • Choose the respective clue slide to link to
  • Repeat for each text box so clicking a value takes you to that clue

Step 4: Make Answer Slides

No Jeopardy game is complete without answers!

  • After each clue slide, insert an answer slide
  • Type the answer to the previous question on this slide
  • Consider giving explanations here too

Step 5: Add Multimedia (Optional)

To take your Jeopardy game to the next level, include:

  • Music – set the theme song on slide transitions
  • Sound effects – play when questions are right/wrong
  • Animations – make text or images move
  • Videos – embed video clues

Step 6: Play the Game!

You now have an engaging Jeopardy game to play with students!

  • Divide students into teams
  • Take turns allowing teams to choose questions
  • Tally scores as you play

Consider adding a slide at the end crowning the Jeopardy champion!

Making Jeopardy doesn’t have to be complicated. With these six simple steps, you can make a customized game on Google Slides to energize your classroom. What topic will you make your first Jeopardy game on?