How to Share PowerPoint Presentation Online

Sharing your PowerPoint presentation online allows you to easily distribute it to a wider audience beyond just those attending your live presentation. With digital sharing, your presentation can be viewed by people across the world.

There are several methods to share a PowerPoint presentation online, each with their own pros and cons:

Share via File Hosting Services

File hosting services like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox allow you to upload your PowerPoint presentation and generate a shareable link.


  • Easy to use
  • Allows access control over who can view or edit
  • Integration with online Office apps for live collaboration


  • File size limits may prevent sharing large presentations
  • Requires recipient to have PowerPoint installed to view properly

To share via OneDrive:

  1. Upload PowerPoint file to OneDrive
  2. Right click file > Share
  3. Choose permissions and generate link
  4. Send link to recipients

Convert to Video

You can convert your PowerPoint slides into a video file and upload to video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.


  • Easy for viewers to access
  • No need for PowerPoint installed
  • Increased accessibility for mobile users


  • Lose animations and interactivity of slides
  • Time-consuming to produce and upload video

To convert to video:

  1. In PowerPoint, go to File > Export > Create Video
  2. Choose video quality and output format
  3. Upload exported video to video sharing site

Convert to HTML

Converting your PowerPoint to HTML allows you to publish your presentation as a shareable web page.


  • Cross-device accessibility
  • Interactive features may be preserved
  • Easy distribution by sharing link


  • HTML conversion can be complex
  • Animations and slide transitions may not display properly

To convert to HTML:

  1. Use PowerPoint extension like HTML5Point
  2. Choose export settings
  3. Publish exported HTML file online
  4. Share link to hosted web page

Embed in Website

You can embed or integrate your PowerPoint directly into any web page or site using iframe embed code.


  • Seamlessly integrate with any website
  • Customizable display settings
  • Native web accessibility


  • Requires hosting space for presentation files
  • Complex setup across multiple platforms

To embed in site:

  1. Upload presentation to cloud storage
  2. Generate iframe embed code
  3. Paste embed code to any webpage

Share Link to Source File

Simply sharing a link to the original PowerPoint file allows others to download or view it if they have PowerPoint installed.


  • Simple to setup
  • Recipients access full original file


  • Requires PowerPoint installed to view
  • No control over distribution once shared

To directly share file:

  1. Upload presentation to cloud drive
  2. Share link to presentation file
  3. Recipients can download or view in PowerPoint

The best method for sharing your PowerPoint presentation online depends on your specific needs and audience. Factors like required accessibility, retaining slide animations, and integrating with web platforms help determine the ideal sharing methods.

With the right preparation and conversion process, you can easily upload and distribute your PowerPoint presentation online to extend its reach beyond your in-person audience.