How to Show the Date and Time at the Bottom of Each Slide in PowerPoint 2010

Adding the date and time to the bottom of slides in PowerPoint 2010 presentations is easy and can be useful for many purposes. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Why Show Date and Time

There are several reasons you may want to display the date and time on PowerPoint slides:

  • To show when a presentation was last updated
  • For presentations that need to reflect the current date and time (e.g. stock quotes)
  • To track versions of a presentation
  • To add a professional touch

Having the date and time visible can be useful for both the presenter and the audience.

How to Insert Date and Time

Inserting the date and time is simple in PowerPoint 2010:

Step 1: Select Insert Tab

Go to the Insert tab at the top of the PowerPoint window.

Step 2: Click Date & Time Button

In the Text group, click the Date & Time button.

Date and Time button

Step 3: Choose Date and Time Options

In the pop-up box:

  • Check the Date and time box
  • Select date and time format
  • Choose Update automatically to update on open or print
  • Or choose Fixed to lock to a set date

Date and Time options

Step 4: Apply to All Slides

Click Apply to All to add to all slides.

Click Apply for just the current slide.

Customizing Date and Time Display

You can customize the look of the date and time:

  • Change font – Size, color, effects
  • Adjust position – Drag to any slide corner

Use PowerPoint’s formatting options to match your presentation style.

Additional Tips

  • Update manually by right-clicking and selecting Update Field
  • Show only date or time by unchecking unwanted option
  • Use Slide Master View to add to all at once
  • Set a fixed date to track versions

The date and time can be inserted exactly how you need it.


Adding the date and time to PowerPoint slides is easy and enables displaying the last updated date or current time. This can be useful for many different purposes.

Use PowerPoint’s Date & Time options to select formatting and apply it to all slides at once. Further customize the look as needed to match the presentation style.

With a few simple clicks, you can insert clean, automated date and time stamps on your slides.