How to Upload PowerPoint to YouTube (The Ultimate Guide)

Uploading your PowerPoint presentations to YouTube allows you to share them with a much wider audience. While PowerPoint is a great tool for in-person presentations, converting your slides to video format enables online access around the world.

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to successfully get your PowerPoint online.

Why Upload PowerPoint to YouTube

Here are some of the key benefits of uploading your PowerPoint presentations to YouTube:

  • Increased reach – Rather than just presenting to a room of people, your message can be seen by thousands or millions of YouTube viewers.
  • Accessibility – Viewers can access your presentation anytime from anywhere in the world. This makes sharing information easier.
  • Comments – YouTube allows viewers to leave comments and feedback, allowing you to interact with your audience.
  • Analytics – You can view detailed statistics on how many people watched your video, what parts they replayed, etc.
  • Shareability – It’s easy for viewers to share your video with others through links and social media.

Convert PowerPoint to Video

YouTube does not support uploading PowerPoint (.PPT or .PPTX) files directly. So the first step is to convert your PowerPoint slides into a video file format.

The good news is PowerPoint makes this conversion process easy.

Here is how to save a PowerPoint as a video:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select File > Export > Create a Video
  3. Choose the video quality you want
  4. Select to use recorded slide timings and narrations if applicable
  5. Click Create Video

PowerPoint will now render your presentation to a video file based on your chosen settings. The most common output formats are .MP4, .WMV, and .MOV files.

YouTube Upload Steps

Once you have a video version of your PowerPoint, uploading it to YouTube takes just a few quick steps:

  1. Go to and sign into your account
  2. Click on your profile picture > YouTube Studio
  3. Choose Upload video
  4. Select the PowerPoint video file from your computer
  5. Enter video details like title, description, tags
  6. Click Upload to add the video to YouTube’s servers
  7. Allow time for YouTube to process and encode the video
  8. Click Publish to make your video publicly visible

It’s that simple! Your PowerPoint slides are now viewable to the entire YouTube audience.

PowerPoint to YouTube Video Settings

When exporting your presentation, there are some best practices around video settings:

  • Resolution – 1080p HD or 4K quality is preferred
  • Bitrate – Higher bitrates like 8-12 Mbps produce better quality
  • Aspect ratio – Match 16:9 for proper YouTube formatting
  • Audio – Use stereo sound at 192 kbps or higher

Additionally, do not upload videos longer than 15 minutes in length, as this exceeds YouTube’s limit for new accounts. You can connect multiple videos into a playlist if more time is needed.

Customizing Your PowerPoint Videos

There are a number of customizations you can add to make your PowerPoint videos stand out on YouTube:

  • Record narration – Use PowerPoint’s record audio feature to narrate over your slides
  • Add music – Background music can help set the tone for your presentation
  • Animations – Use animations and transitions to make content appear dynamically
  • Branding – Intro/outro slides with channel branding help promote your YouTube identity
  • Captions – Add closed captions to increase accessibility for deaf/hard of hearing viewers

Spend time perfecting these elements for a professional, high-quality result.

Promoting Your PowerPoint YouTube Videos

Simply uploading your PowerPoint is not enough. You also need to promote your videos to drive viewership:

  • Custom thumbnails – Create custom thumbnails that represent your content and attract clicks
  • Playlists – Organize multiple related videos into playlists to encourage binge viewing
  • Cards/end screens – Add clickable overlays linking to your other videos
  • Share links – Promote your videos on social media, email newsletters, etc.
  • YouTube ads – Consider running YouTube ads to expand your reach and get new subscribers

Using YouTube analytics, you can see which promotion strategies are most effective for your channel.

Troubleshooting PowerPoint YouTube Issues

There are a few common issues you may encounter:

  • Upload failures – Verify the video file size is under YouTube’s 128GB limit
  • Processing problems – Ensure proper video formats/codecs were selected
  • Missing elements – Check that timings, audio and animations converted properly
  • Playback errors – Confirm the correct aspect ratio and frame rate settings
  • Restricted access – Double check your video privacy settings

YouTube also provides detailed upload error codes to help diagnose problems.


Uploading your PowerPoint presentations to YouTube is a great way to reach a massive new audience. While the process requires a few steps like converting your slides to video format, the ability to share your message with millions of people makes it well worth the effort.

Use this ultimate guide to seamlessly get your PowerPoint content onto YouTube!