How to Use a Video as a Slide’s Background in Microsoft PowerPoint

Using a video as a slide’s background in PowerPoint can make your presentations more dynamic and engaging. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add a video background in PowerPoint.

Benefits of Using a Video Background

Some key benefits of using a video background in PowerPoint include:

  • Makes presentations more visually appealing and interesting
  • Grabs the audience’s attention
  • Sets the mood or conveys the theme of your presentation
  • Makes text and images stand out against the video background
  • Adds motion and energy to otherwise static slides

Step 1: Insert the Video onto the Slide

The first step is to insert the video you want to use onto the slide:

  • Select the slide you want to add the video background to
  • Go to the “Insert” tab and click on “Video”
  • Select “Video from File” and choose the video file you want to use from your computer
  • The video will be inserted as an object onto the slide

Tip: For best results, use an MP4 video format.

Step 2: Resize and Position the Video

Next, you’ll want to resize and position the video:

  • Click and drag the corners of the video to resize it to fill the entire slide
  • For full bleed, make sure the video extends past the slide edges (it will automatically crop in slideshow view)
  • Position the video behind any text or image boxes you want on top of it

Step 3: Format Video Options

Under the “Video Tools” tab, you can set playback options:

  • Choose if the video plays automatically or on click
  • Select whether to loop the video continuously
  • Adjust volume, brightness, contrast etc.

Step 4: Add Text Boxes and Images

Now add any text boxes, images, shapes or other elements you want to display on top of the video:

  • Add text boxes and size/position them appropriately
  • Insert any images or logos you need
  • Resize and layer elements as desired

Tip: Add transparency to images/logos so the video shows through.

Step 5: Preview and Present

The final step is to preview your slide and test it:

  • Preview the slide and ensure the video plays as expected
  • Make any final tweaks to the formatting or timing
  • Run through your actual presentation in Slide Show view
  • The video background will play automatically per your settings

And that’s it! Using video backgrounds can make your PowerPoint presentations pop. Just follow these simple steps to add video behind your slides and captivate your audience.