Liven Up Your PowerPoint Presentations With LiveWeb

Do you want to make your PowerPoint presentations more dynamic and engaging? Inserting live web pages can be an excellent way to showcase real-time data, social media feeds, stock quotes, weather reports and more. With the LiveWeb add-in for PowerPoint, it’s easy to embed live web content into your slides.

What is LiveWeb?

LiveWeb is a free PowerPoint add-in that lets you insert live web pages directly into your presentation slides. You can display websites, HTML pages, PDF documents, Java applets and other web content. The pages will refresh automatically in real-time during your slideshow.

There’s no need to code anything or get help from IT. LiveWeb handles all the complexity behind the scenes, so you can focus on creating a great presentation.

Benefits of Using LiveWeb

Here are some of the key benefits of using the LiveWeb add-in:

  • Display real-time data in your presentations – Show live charts, graphs, reports etc.
  • Incorporate social media streams and updates
  • Show live weather maps and forecasts
  • Display stock quotes and financial data
  • Show website content without leaving PowerPoint
  • Works with local HTML files and relative paths too
  • Free and easy to set up

How to Install and Use LiveWeb

Installing and using LiveWeb is quick and straightforward:

Install the Add-in

  1. Download LiveWeb from
  2. Open PowerPoint and go to File > Options > Add-Ins
  3. Click Go next to “Manage PowerPoint Add-Ins”
  4. Click Add New and select the LiveWeb add-in file
  5. Click OK to install

Once installed, you’ll see a new LiveWeb section under the Insert tab in PowerPoint.

Insert a Live Web Page

  1. Create a new slide and go to the Insert tab
  2. Click Web Page in the LiveWeb section
  3. Enter the full URL of the web page
  4. Customize the size and other settings
  5. Click OK to insert the live page

Repeat the process to add multiple live web pages across your presentation slides.

Present with Live Web Pages

When you start the PowerPoint slideshow, the web pages will display live content directly in your slides. The pages will refresh automatically in real-time so you always see the latest data.

You can show local HTML files stored on your computer too. LiveWeb will look in the presentation folder for any files using relative paths.

LiveWeb Use Cases

Here are some examples of how you can use LiveWeb to liven up your next presentation:

Display Live Sales Dashboards

Show data visualizations from your company’s BI or analytics tools updating in real-time. Impress your audience with the latest metrics.

Incorporate Social Media Feeds

Display live tweets, Facebook posts and other social media streams relevant to your presentation topic.

Present Live Website Content

Show pages from your company’s website or any other web content without leaving PowerPoint. Useful for demonstrations and training.

Show Animated Charts and Graphs

Many web apps provide animated charts and graphs that you can showcase with LiveWeb. Visualizations in PowerPoint can be static and dull in comparison.

Show Weather Maps and Forecasts

If you’re presenting on location-specific topics or events, display relevant weather maps and forecasts updating live.

The possibilities are endless! Get creative with different types of web content to make your presentations pop.

Presenting with LiveWeb Best Practices

When using LiveWeb, keep these tips in mind:

  • Test that web pages load correctly well before your actual presentation
  • Check page load times – avoid very complex or slow-loading pages
  • For public presentations, avoid pages that require login
  • Have a backup plan in case of internet/connectivity issues
  • Disable pop-ups and notifications from web pages
  • Close other programs that could disrupt the presentation
  • Use secure ‘https’ pages whenever possible


The LiveWeb add-in makes it effortless to integrate dynamic, real-time web content into your PowerPoint presentations. Whether you want to showcase live data, social media feeds or website content, LiveWeb has you covered.

Spice up your next presentation with LiveWeb! Your audience will be amazed by the live pages updating seamlessly in your slides.

Try out LiveWeb today and take your PowerPoint skills to the next level!