How to Make Object Rotates Infinitely in PowerPoint

Time Needed : 5 minutes

In this guide, you will learn how to make any object in PowerPoint rotates (spins) infinitely until the end of a presentation. The process is easy and the spin feature should be available on almost all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. Here's the guide!

  1. Prepare the slide. It best to make the background is relevant and contrast enough relative to the object supposed to rotate.

  2. Go to Insert > Pictures. You can insert Shapes, Icons, or even 3D Models as well.

  3. Select the picture and click Insert.

  4. You can adjust the style first before adding a spinning effect.

  5. Click on the picture until the selection box appears.

  6. Go to the Animations menu.

  7. Click the expand icon.

  8. Select More Emphasis Effects…

  9. Select Spin, and click OK.

  10. Under the Animations menu, click on Animation Pane.

  11. Click a dropdown icon on the animation, then select Effect Options…

  12. Make sure the Smooth start, Smooth end, and Bounce end are set to zero.

  13. Go to the Timing tab. Here, you can adjust the Start, Delay, and Duration. But most importantly, set the Repeat to Until End of Slide. Then click OK.

  14. Congratulation! Now the picture is rotating!

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There are many modifications you can try to make the object looks more emphasizing. Setting the duration to 10 seconds or above usually works best. You can also add an entrance and exit animation if you wish.

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