PowerPoint 2007: Finalize a Presentation and Package for CD


When you are done creating your PowerPoint 2007 presentation, there are a few final steps you should take before distributing or presenting the file. These steps include:

  • Finalizing slide show options
  • Packaging the presentation for CD/DVD
  • Adding security through passwords

Taking these steps will ensure your presentation runs smoothly when viewed by others.

Finalize Slide Show Options

Before finalizing your PowerPoint 2007 presentation, it’s important to preview it in Slide Show view. This allows you to:

  • View all animations and transitions
  • Ensure the timing of slides is correct
  • Decide if any last minute changes are needed

To access Slide Show view:

  • Go to the Slide Show tab
  • Click From Beginning or From Current Slide in the Start Slide Show group

Once in Slide Show view:

  • Use arrow keys or clicks to navigate between slides
  • Right click to access options like pointer tools
  • Press Esc to exit the slide show

You can also set additional slide show options:

  • On the Slide Show tab, click Set Up Slide Show
  • Options include:
    • Loop continuously
    • Use pen/laser pointer tools
    • Show presenter view
    • And more

Previewing your presentation and setting options ensures it will run properly for your audience.

Package Presentation for CD/DVD

To share your PowerPoint 2007 presentation with others, especially those without PowerPoint installed, you need to package the presentation. This bundles all necessary files for viewing the presentation into one distributable package.

Here is how to package a presentation:

  1. Click the Office button and select Publish > Package for CD
  2. In the Package for CD dialog box:
    • Name the CD
    • Select presentations to package
    • Set additional options
  3. Click Copy to CD or Copy to Folder

Key options when packaging:

  • Embed fonts – Ensures fonts display properly
  • Include linked files – Adds media files like video and audio
  • Password protect – Prevent unauthorized changes

Packaging the presentation provides you with a folder or CD/DVD containing the presentation file(s) and everything needed to view it properly.

Add Passwords for Security

To prevent unauthorized changes to your packaged PowerPoint 2007 presentation, you can add passwords.

There are two types of passwords:

  • Open password – Requires password to view presentation
  • Modify password – Requires password to make changes

To add passwords when packaging:

  1. Check the box for password protecting presentations
  2. Enter desired passwords in the provided fields
  3. Click OK to package presentation

The passwords will now be required to open and/or modify the presentation.


Finalizing your PowerPoint 2007 presentation properly ensures it will run smoothly for your audience. Following the best practices covered in this article – previewing slide show, packaging presentations, and adding passwords – will guarantee professional, polished results. Use these tips to put the finishing touches on your next presentation.