PowerPoint 2010: Saving and Printing


PowerPoint 2010 provides various options for saving and printing your presentations. Knowing how to properly save and print is essential for sharing and presenting your work.

Saving Presentations

There are a few key things to know about saving PowerPoint 2010 presentations:

Save vs Save As

  • Save: Saves changes to the current presentation using the existing file name and location. Use this regularly while working to avoid losing changes.
  • Save As: Allows you to save a copy of the presentation with a new name, location, or file format. Useful for creating backups or sharing versions.

File Formats

  • PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx): Default PowerPoint 2010 format. Can only be opened by PowerPoint 2007 and later.
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (.ppt): Legacy format compatible with older versions of PowerPoint. May lose some 2010 features.

Save Locations

You can save presentations to:

  • Local hard drive
  • External drive (USB flash drive, network drive)
  • Online storage (OneDrive, SharePoint)
  • Removable media (CD, DVD)

Tips for Saving

  • Save early and often while working on a presentation
  • Use descriptive file names so versions are easy to identify
  • Save backup copies to external drives or online storage

Printing Presentations

PowerPoint provides a variety of printing options to create handouts, notes pages, and slides.

Print Layouts

Popular print layout options:

  • Slides: Print one slide per page. Useful for handouts.
  • Notes Pages: Print slides with speaker notes. Good for presentations.
  • Outline View: Print a text outline of the presentation. Helpful for reviewing content.
  • Handouts: Print slides with multiple slides per page. Conserves paper.

Print Settings

Customize the print job under Settings:

  • Print all or select slides
  • Choose color, grayscale, or black and white
  • Adjust page orientation and scale
  • Print hidden slides and slide numbers

Tips for Printing

  • Preview prints using Print Preview first
  • Print notes pages or handouts for live presentations
  • For drafts, use grayscale and multiple slides per page
  • Set default print settings under PowerPoint Options


Mastering saving and printing in PowerPoint 2010 allows you to securely store your presentations and create printouts tailored for your needs. Save early and often while working on presentations, use descriptive filenames, and print notes pages or handouts to deliver effective presentations.