Simple Low-Poly Theme PowerPoint Template

Simple Low-Poly Theme

Free [page_title]. Low poly is basically just a mesh of polygon from 3D computer graphics yet nowadays you can create it easily with the 2D graphical software, including PowerPoint. This theme contains dozens of triangular shape colored with transparent-gradient Flat User Interface (Flat UI).

Despite having a simple shape, this design would be focusing the attention on the main content at the center. I also added an engaging animation that flows smoothly to reveal the content.

This PowerPoint template is perfect for an intro/outro and content slides with a small number of texts.

Features in ‘[page_title]’

  • 2 slides with contrast color background, bright and dark
  • Smooth animations
  • Fully made with a shapes to reduce file size


Format PPTX
Aspect ratio Standard 4:3
Slides 2
Font Arial, Calibri
Category Theme
Size 49 KB
Animation Yes
Editable Yes
Created using Microsoft PowerPoint 365
Author Vega Slide

*We do not include font file inside the template.

Protected under CC-BY 4.0 — You must keep the credit when using this template.

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